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2002-06-10 03:22:17 (UTC)


Today went rather well i guess. It was kinda boring. I woke
up around 11, then i had to go to my masa soccer game. It
was so hot at the game... and we crushed this team 9-0, but
the other coach refused to have the game shortened b/c he
thought that his team still had a shot at winning.. um ok!
After the game, i came home and just relaxed for a little
bit. Then, i went to pick up Calley, Tara, and Sara, and we
went to westmoreland mall... which was closed... damnit. So
we just went to Calley's house for a lil. Then we went to
the thompsons again. I think tonight was the first night
that i was actually in by 11. And here i sit with a
headache from being around everyone's second hand smoke.