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2002-06-10 01:52:07 (UTC)

Six Flags Great Adventure

\"now i've had the time of my life and i owe it all to

such an appropriate beginning to this story.

I went to six flags today for a usy event, which was
amazing, by the way. On the way over there, I was sitting
next to my friend Rachel, we were talking a bit and
watching the movie (\"A League of Their Own\" -- I love
movie!). Then, when we got to the park, we kind of split
up; I ended up walking around the park with James. Damn
you, Allie! James and I were having so much fun until you
pointed out that he has a girlfriend. But thats ok, lol, I
love you anyway :)

But whatever.

Let's skip forward to the bus ride home.

I cried.


Of happiness.

I'm such a loser.

Okay, so the bus made three stops -- the first stop was
Ethan's stop, and the second stop was mine, and the third
stop was Charlie's. So from the park until the first stop,
I was laying in Ethan's lap, and he was rubbing my
shoulder, and I was drifting in and out of sleep, and it
just felt so good. We were talking on and off, but I dunno,
it felt a bit weird. But hey, I WAS scared shitless. I fell
asleep for about 15 minutes, and when I woke up, some girl
whom I'd never seen before looked at me and said \"Good
morning, sunshine!\"

I was like, WHOA! So we were talking. Her name is Ali,
she's really cool. One of the first words out of her mouth
were \"Is [Ethan] your boyfriend?\" I was like no, then
said -- and here's why I think she's pretty cool -- \"Oh.
This is Ben. He's MY pillow, like Ethan is yours.\" She's
cool, it would be nice to see her and Ben at another event.
Too bad we only spoke for about three minutes tho lol.

So then when Ethan got off the bus, Charlie came over and
was all \"let's talk.\" So He sat down and I kind of
into him, and I suddenly felt like I was six years old
again and all I wanted was for Charlie to protect me. So
Charlie and I were playing \"truth,\" I konw, we're such
losers, but whatever. And we were talking about how we
liked each other at the same time and how we never acted on
it and stuff, then I asked him in this really tiny
voice, \"Charlie? WHY did you like me?\" And he started
telling me about how when he first met me, he thought I was
the cutest girl in my bunk, then he started talking to me and found
out that I was nice and I was intelligent, and I dunno, he just made
me feel really loved. Then when he told me that he still thinks look
the same, I had tears in my eyes. But he doesn't know
that, I hope. I mean, no one has ever HONESTLY told me that they
thought I was pretty.

And when I told him that I had liked him because he was the
first guy in a really long time to sit me down and have a
genuine conversation and be really interested in what I had
to say and stuff, he got a bit \"what?\"-ish. I told him
most guys had treated me like objects and pieces of ass
before him, and he really saved me through a lot of stuff
that happened that summer to me.

xxx Editor's Note xxx

okay, so MY note actually, but I thought editor's note sounded
more..official. Anyway, I originally had something in this space that
I realized today shouldn't be up here. I know some of my friends read
this, but that usually doesn't stop me from writing as if I was
writing to no one I knew. However, the thing I wrote
over here was about a part of my life that only one person reading
this knows about, and she's trying to forget it, and I probably made
things worse by mentioning it. I'm so sorry, it just slipped out when
I wrote about last night. In case you were wondering -- if you have
any idea what I'm talking about -- they saw them; James offered
support, but my so-called friends just got a bit pissy and
ignored them, not facing facts. I'm over that time, though, so don't
worry about it.

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