OhBaby It Is Me

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2002-06-10 01:37:30 (UTC)

Chrissy the Worlds Biggest Bitch

This diary is now dedicated to pissing Chrissy off b/c
she is the biggest bitch in the entire world. I sit here
and I tell her everything, and I think it's ok then, but
then she goes off into her diary and right's all this shit
about me. I have no reason to appologize to her for
anything at all that I've done, and never will. She's
filling a gap in someones life that they would just die to
have me in instead, and that's the dead truth. She sits
here and bitches about all the hatefull things I say about
in my diary about her, yet she goes off and writes this:
"To even talk to Angela about tomorrow was a mistake, and
I felt like crying but I didn't care anymore, I just hung
up on her, and the thing is that she does have something to
apologize for and as much as she thinks she doesn't, she
does, just because she has her head shoved so far up her
ass that she can't see it doesn't mean that there isn't a
reason why she should." She's such an ingnorant and self
absorbed asshole. The ONLY reason that I went with her
last night was b/c Nick wanted to. Oh and listen to this:
Josh Chris Nick and I all made plans awhile ago about going
out before and after ball to Dennys, well Chrissy goes and
invites Brian, which is next to the meanest things she can
do (the meanest comes real soon) and then has the gull to
say that she had the plans with Brian long before she had
the plans with me, Lying sack of bitch. She's so clueless,
She has no idea that the place she has right now is supose
to be filled with me and she has no clue about it what so
ever. I had a very interesting cono last night and not
once was her name mentioned, so if there is anyone who
needs to get their head out of thier ass, it's her. She's
blind to the world, she really is. I'm going to charish
the day she wipes the shit from her eyes and sees how she's
just a little paun in a never ending chess game. She's the
bacteria that feeds off human waist. She deserves nothing
that she has. She was born into a family where all she has
to do is say that she wants something and she gets it.
She's a selfish, self absorbed bitch. Not only that, but
she's a major whore too. (believe me, I used to be stupid
enough to be friends with her) Well, their meaningless
relationship can go on forever, but I know the truth. Oh
boy do I know the truth