Reality Bites
2002-06-10 01:17:18 (UTC)

Should be studying

Hey, So I woke up this morning to (SURPRISE!) a hangover.
That had me feeling like shit til like 12, then my sister
came by and made me get up and go to Target with her. We
spent like $800 on stuff for her new house. It was cool,
cause we talked a lot. Mia went to Gabe's graduation today
and she was really sad that he's leaving. They're all at
our friend Cory's grad. party and I might stop by later, I
don't know cause I'm still tierd as hell. Luke called
yesterday durring the party my sister had and so I talked
to him for like 5 min. then i got off. I talked to him
online today for like an hour because we both were supposed
to be studying so we couldnt be on the phone, but of course
we both didnt want to study. He had to go eat dinner but he
said he is going to call me later. I just remembered all
this homework that I had to do this weekend and my friend
Kasey just saved me by saying she'd send it all to me,
gotta love that! My moms going out tonite and coming back
at like 3, times like these make me wish LUKE could drive!!
lol, but im having like Lyssa and Carli over and possibly a
few others, so its all good. i gtg tho...later