My Teenage Life
2001-06-17 21:33:39 (UTC)

About Me

Hi my name is Nicole but everyone calls me Nikki. I just
finished freshman year of highschool. I have a great group
of friends and the best boyfriend, who i'll be writing so
much about. I have blonde hair and green eyes. I'm 5'4 (ya
i know i'm short) and i weigh 108 pounds. I have a mom,
dad, 5 siblings, and a dog. My oldest sister is 6 years
older then me an attends college. Her name is Amy. I have
twin brothers named Jim and Ryan. They are 3 years older
then me and just finished highschool. Both of them got a
football scholership at the same college. I have a younger
brother who is 13 ans plays football and a younger sister
named Mandie who is 10. And i have a golden retriever named
Eddy. I will try to write in here as much as possible or
until my diary on starts working again. Other
then that I'll write more later bye