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2001-01-02 16:03:32 (UTC)

Like Whoa! I had so much fun on..

Like Whoa! I had so much fun on New Years. We went to the
Amazura Ball room in NY for this really phat rave. J-Smooth
was spinnin and so was Bad Boy Bill who is my favorite so I
was soooooo happy. I was so excited I was jumping around
like a lil maniac. HeHe. We had these E pills and we took
them when we got into NY. We took the train up there so we
didnt have to drive. When we got to the Amazura Ballroom, I
was buggin pretty good so as soon as we got in I started
dancing my ass off. We didnt have to wait to get in because
we got there like an hour late but thats ok. =O) I met this
really awsome kid there. His name was Johnny X. He was the
best breakdancer I have seen in a long time. He pooped so
fast it was wicked crazy. We got his e-mail address so Im
sure we will keep in touch. This cool lil candy raver girly
gave me a set of glowstix around 11:30 so I was so psyched.
Because I forgot to get glowstix the night before and by
the time I remembered all the stores where closed that had
them. Grr. That kinda pisses me off. I so think that WaWa
should have glowstix lol! But anyway at midnight when the
ball dropped the whole place went totally crazy, there
where so many people there. All these ballons and glitter
stuff fell some the celing and everyone was having an
awsome time. After Bad Boy Bill spun, I accually got to
meet him and exchange a few words with him so that was
nice. We left around 4:30 because I was mad tired and we
had to get back to the train so we could get back home not
too late. When we got home I like totally ran to the shower
because I was completely gross from being in a smoke filled
dirty place all night with like a million one people in
it. Plus I was like mad sweaty and just gross teehee. It
felt so completely great. But anyway I got out and totally
collapsed in bed with Pat and slept in a lil late. But it
was totally awsome I had a blast! =O) Late.

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