Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2002-06-10 00:26:17 (UTC)

The Senior Ball, Rocked!!

Matt was fucking gorgeous in his dress blues! Augh!!
Scrumpalicious... I would bang him... (inside joke)
Anyways, the ball was great, I had so much fun and the
relationship came out, I am so happy!

Okay, for those of you who didnt know, Matthew and I
have been going out since may 31st, we announced it
yesterday. Chistina, his fiancee, never existed, we made
her up so Faith would leave him alone.... btw I must get to
her... hmmm... anyways, I am so happy. I had so much fun,
and I didnt think it was going to go that well..

Anyways, after the ball we went to the creative
playground, we being Becky, Emmy, Matt squared, Adam, and
I, and then Em and Adam went to Emmys house to get changed
and bring me back my stuff, then Becky and Matt left after
a while of playing and swinging, then we lyed on matt hood
and stared at the sky, waiting for Em and Adam to get back,
eventually going to Ems garage to get all my stuff, and for
me to get dressed. After that, aroud 4 we went to Dennys,
and there was a fly in our sampler, and so we got another,
and we saw Faithy... ha ha ha, it didnt make me feel any
better, I wasnt feeling all that well btw, and then we went
to the pier to watch the sun rise, and we played Dave
Matthews, and danced some more on the pier... It was truely
great. Then we went the Baker park, after dropping off emmy
and Adam, and we played Basket ball ,and talked ,adn then
we came home and slept... sleep is great...

anyways, thats all... yay... ta ta