Mysterious Attitude
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2001-06-17 20:36:11 (UTC)

Sunday June 17,2001

Time: 3:20pm Listenin to: Pleasures U Like-Jon B

Last Night : After talkin on the phone with Andria... we
both got online.. and she found out that I am also bi.. and
she didn't seem to get mad or anything so thats good.... I
didn't have enough guts to tell her I was like that..so I
told her to read my diary... so she knows now :)

Today: I got up at like 2 and got online to read my
mail... I saw Jack was on so I IMed him... and he told me
he was hard.. I was like it wasn't me this time... and he
said well I had a dream bout u... I was like so it wasn't
my fault... and he was like yeah it was..I asked him what
he was up to and he was like playin with my cock... I was
like eww your goin to get your computer sicky..lol Then
he was call me.. no wait I'll call u.. so I was like aight
and I signed off.. and he called me... and I asked him r u
still going? He was like yeah... and I want u to help me..
I was like nope.. u can have your fun tho... and so we
talked for a few minutes..and he was like I'll call u back
I gotta call my sister.. so I was pissed off bout that..
cuz all he called me for was to get off... so I got mad..
just like he did when I didn't do anything to help him get
off.. so he was like why r u mad.. I was like I'm not...
bye and he asked again and I was like I'm not mad... bye..
and he was like fine goodbye.. He told me he would call me
at 3... but did he no... so I got online to see him on and
I Im him and he didn't answer so I was like ok so u don't
want to talk to me.. I'm sry for whatever I did to make u
mad.. he fianlly said ok... and I was like I thought u were
goin to call me back.. he was like I was until u got bitchy
with me.. I was like sry good lawd your always like me..
and then he signed off :( I'm like cryin now and I don't
know why... I guess it is cuz I like him a lot.. and everytime he
gets mean with me.. it hurts me so much... well I gotta go.. cuz I
can't hardly see the keyboard... cuz I'm cryin
to hard... bye bye 4 now


After I signed off... I put on sum Britiney Spears.. and played the
songs "Stronger", "Don't Go Knockin On My Door" and "Opps... I Did It
Again"...if u have ever heard them songs.. u will know that they r
full of gurl power and sayin that your over a boy.. so they made me
feel a lot better!!! I was singing the songs and I forgot bout
Jack... I got ready... I was lookin really cute if I do say so
myself.. (hehe I had glitter all over me... and I'm wearin a
sleevesless white shirt with blue bellbottoms) I had my mom take me
out drivin in hopes of clearin my mind which it did :) When I came
back home I got online... talked to a few peeps and found out that
Prince will be havin a concert in Ohio on the 21 of this month.. so I
hope that I will be able to get tickets It would be like a dream come
true to go and see him... Then I left again with my uncle and gram
and we went to Renee's... I had fun over there... My uncles Jr and
Bear brought me sum Avon from Renee and Bear took me for a ride in
his new race car... hehe I love to drive fast and krazy like that..
Then we left and went to the store to pick up sum stuff... and came
home... I'm bout to go take a LONG and HOT shower... lol so I can use
sum of this stuff I got from Renee and so I can get this glitter off
me... Ohh yeah.. I forgot to say.. My gurl Kelly got asked by her
boyfriend Bobby to marry him.. and guess what she said yes!!! I'm so
very happy for her... :) :) I hope they stay together for a long
time... so congratulations to her!!! Well that's bout all.. so I
guess I will go... bye bye 4 now

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