Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-06-09 22:27:20 (UTC)

The Weekend

I just got home from looking at jobs. I'm so sunburnt from
the weekend. Oh well, Supposedly me and Adam's new
girlfriend are becoming friends. I don't know if i want to
or not though, because she reminds me of him and I'm trying
to get my mind off of him. He's been a total jerk to me,
though. So I'm not sure why I still even think about him.
She's getting nicer, but I still look at her as "the girl
who stole my boyfriend" whether she meant to do it or not,
she did. I've been talking to one of my ex boyfriends,
Scott, who also thinks he's found love. He always seems to
make me smile. He tells me things, not just because I want
to hear them, but because he means them. We broke up really
soon after we started going out because of something I did.
I made a mistake. I had liked him for about a year and we
finally were single at the same time, and it happened. I'm
hoping that some might just "happen" again. I've
been talking to his best friend, and trying to get some
information and he doesn't like his new girl, but I don't
know. Scott stays in relationships forever. I had such a
good weekend. I didn't think about Adam much, and when I
did, I actually smiled. I thought of the good times and not
the times that he said "i've been having this feeling. I
think we need a break" and such. It hurt me, but I'm
breathing and I'm actually smiling more. It's amazing. I'm
getting back to who I was before I even met Adam. And
before I met him, i was a lot better off than I am right
now. Maybe right then, it felt right, but if I had known it
ended like this, I dont know if I could put my heart
through it. It's hard getting over someone who you give yer
heart to. And to know he moved on before he even ended it
with me was even harder.

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