La La La
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2002-06-09 22:24:30 (UTC)


its summer. can you believe it. yeah!!!! But now I am
really bored. Its only the second or third week of summer
and I have no life.My friends are so strange. Amber is gone
to texas, but if she was here i would probably do a lot w/
her.YEt, Brittany and ashley are here but I dont even call
them. Its wierd. me and amber are so close. Ashley and me
never really have anything to talk about, but we're
friendz. I think our friendship is kind of weak. Brittany
and i are cool, but i never really hang out with her. next
year is gonna be really wierd friend wise. well bye. wait
rosie and me are cool, but there is something about her.
Chase gets on my nerves at times, so I have no really great
freinds. Since amber is moving, then what will i do. I mean
im not saying that my friends are bad, because theyre
great. fun to hang out with and all. maybe its me. i think
it is. Oh well. well see.bye