ahoy hoy
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2002-06-09 21:26:21 (UTC)

ahh family guest :(

I am completely and utterly desolate. don’t know why. I
hate it when I feel this way it totally bites. Ahhh I have
this aunt that is visiting from Mexico, she is here because
I have this cousin who had to have surgery done on one of
his legs because of some cancerous cells or some shit like
that. Well they still haven’t told him if he’s in the
clear and that’s he’s ok , the doctors are still doing
some test on him. Well she doesn’t want to go back until
she knows he’s ok a valid reason, but this woman is so
bloody annoying. She gets into everyone’s business and she
is such a spiteful and malicious rumor monger. I really
cannot wait for her to leave. I just ignore her most of
the time. And only talk to her when completely necessary
otherwise I just ignore her. Its a little mean on my part
but I really have nothing to say to her and if i would talk
to her I would probably call her on her faults and her poor
attitude. I wish she would leave today.

Oh my god I just discovered today that I can in fact eat a
whole medium pizza. Me and my brother were hungry and we
dint feel like cooking so we ordered two pizzas, then we
got the brilliant idea to bet and see if I could eat the
whole thing. We both knew that he could eat a whole thing
this boy is a big hefty boy, so the bet was set and
surprising ( and painfully) enough I did it.

God I miss all my friends from school. Especially Elaine,
Mary, Sarah and

I miss Alix and Karen to.

Were are you Sukrita, Anna, Marina, Celeste, Sandra.
Yvonne although I know that Yvonne is somewhere in southern
California I just forgot were. So sad those girls were so
much fun to be around with. I hope to visit sometime
during the school year. Just for two days or something like

Hashanah I new that Jennifer Lopez wouldn’t last with her
husband. It really sad but I still find it funny. God am
so angry with myself. I really need to stop making stupid
bets. Like the pizza bet am going to get so much fatter.
Jezz am already over weight I really don’t need to add more
pounds on. God I didnt do anything today I am becoming so
boring. I wish I had a car I really need to get my
license it not like am doing anything, so I don’t
understand why am procrastinating in even getting that. So
am going to apply to a another job this Tuesday, it’s a
sure thing, but I really didn’t want to work there but I
need to get a job fast, I’ll work there until I get another
job and then I’ll quit.

Hmm I need to remember due dates so I can enroll to a
different school, since I left mills and all. I think am
going to take this whole year off. I should actually
really be starting cosmetology school this month. It took
me longer than I thought but the process is almost
complete. I cant believe it took this long but then again I
kept on putting it off.

Hey the world cup is not as boring as I thought, its
better than watching basketball. Am sorry for al you
basketball fans but I find soccer more entertaining and
interesting to watch. Screw The Lakers. I predict that
they are going to get cocky and lose, yupe they are going
to lose the championship( isn’t it what its called, well I
dunno) the loser are going to lose.muahahahhahahhaha .

Mike Tyson also sucks he’s seems like such a dumb ass.

I hope that that little Mexican jockey wins the Belmont
race. or whatever the hell its called.

Ok so am tired of typing I need to shower maybe do some
exercise and get my fat ugly self into shape.
Well tata
(man Mexican police are so corrupted they are always
killing and taking bribes, they are a bunch of thieves and
pigs I should know I have this stupid cousin in Mexico I
don’t know him very well but the times that I have visited
him and such in Mexico he is such and asshole, he is also a
cop he got in trouble for stealing money taking bribes and
basically abusing his power as a cop)