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2001-06-17 19:24:15 (UTC)

camp this week

well in a couple hours i'm off to be a camp counsulor at
our church camp. i'm pretty excited though. i'll have 14
girls ages 3rd - 5th grade. and another counsulor helping
me so it won't be that bad. i go tonight, but the campers
don't come till tomorrow morning. hopefully we'll have good
weather too. it gets pretty muddy out there when it rains.
also we only have one basement in the whole campground if
there's any tornado's. and since i live in tornado alley, i
get a little nervous about bad weather.
anyway, cheerleading started this past week. lots of
conditioning again. we have to put on a cheer camp for the
girls in our community the last week of june so we're
putting stuff togeher for that. i also start driver's ed
that week!!!! i'm so excited so start driving, but we also
have 2 hours of homework every night. so much for my summer
with out homework. oh well. i'll get through it. that's all
for now. lata ya'll!

kelly jo

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