Reality Bites
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2001-06-17 19:07:59 (UTC)

June 17th, 2001

I haven't written in a while b/c I've been busy with exams.
I have 2 more left! Physics and Spanish. I saw my math
teacher in the store yesterday when I went to get Joelle
her b-day present and she told me I did really good on my
exam. Like 94 / 96 good. What a relief to know that's over.
When I went to Joelle's party yesterday I got to hang out
with her friend Josh, and he was really cool. We were so
board we started to read tarot cards and it was a blast.
Amanda - Joelle's friend- read mine and my situation was
about Nick and the whole thing was about how I shouldn't go
out with him b/c it'd turn out to be a bad choice and the
last card I got was that I'd meet some dark, friendly guy
and I'd forget all about Nick and the guy and I would go
out. all I could think was Josh! He has dark hair and dark
brown eyes and he's so friendly! Well, a girl can hope i