A Sex Hungry Slut
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2002-06-09 19:44:19 (UTC)


Finally up to date I think. Justin was last nights
experience. Justin was my first meeting. And I've
wanted it for a long time. So.. I enjoyed it.

Anyways Justin sent me a message yesterday on
Saying how much he liked my profile. So.. we ended up
chatting on msn right away. We were perfect. He's kinky
in a dominant way and I'm kinky in a submissive way. We
talked online for about three hours. Talked about how we
weren't looking for a relationship and if we met right away
we may not ever see each other again. Fine with me.

So.. he came over about 12:30... it was late and we were
both tired all ready. He brought two pornos with him. At
first we just lied in my bed watching normal tv and then
finally i got up the courage to pop in a tape. It was
hot. the first scene was two girls and a guy. the guy was
licking a girls ass and the othe girl was licking the guys
ass. We watched for abit... finally he started rubbing my
shoulder.. and then my tits... just pulling on the gently.
It felt soo good. after awhile I turned to him kissed him
for abit... and then the domme came out of him. he pushed
my head down to his cock. and had me suck it through his
jeans...finally he took off his pants. and he proceed to
fuck my mouth with his cock.. for about two hours. every
so often we would change positions.. he would make me get
on my knees on the floor. He'd pull my hair... hold my head
in place while he fucked me... slap my ass every so
often... pulled hard on my tits... squeeze them hard... but
the best.... when he said "lick my balls" and I did...
and then " lick my ass" and I did. I've never done that
before.. but it was fucking hot. And I went crazy with my
face in his ass... I loved it. I felt like such a dirty
slut... exactly how I've been longing to feel.

Anyways... today my mouth is sore... my jaw is aching... my
tits abit bruised and I feel like a million fucking dollars.

Anyways... he left his porn here. Borrowed it to me.
Which just pretty much means i get to see him again. Or I
get to keep the porn. Win/Win situation.

Oh about him... he wasn't that great as far as looks go.
He's actually kind of a nerd. But he's not too bad.
Clean... well dressed... and abit cute. I'll do whatever
he says... i know i will.

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