A Sex Hungry Slut
2002-06-09 19:29:57 (UTC)


Craig was a total internet thing. We talked on the phone
just for sex a couple of times. He lives in Calgary. I
just happened to have a job interview in calgary so I
decided to leave a day early and get a hotel room just so
that I could meet him.

Anyways.. he came over. He looked ok. I wasn't
dissappointed. It started with me giving him a massage.
Then we started kissing. He does this licking thing...
which I totally loved. So he was all tongue.

I sucked his dick for awhile. He fingered me... I finger
myself.. and we fucked. Sort of. He was having issues
staying hard. He told me it was because he had just had
surgury which i knew about before and it was his
medication. So I don't know if it was that or if I just
didn't turn him on.

Anyways... he ended up leaving shortly... he gave me his
home phone number and told me to call him. I haven't. Not
because I didn't like him or anything.. just because I
haven't had the time. But I think he deleted me off his
msn messenger anyways.... so I don't know. I'll try
calling him one of these days.