A Sex Hungry Slut
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2002-06-09 19:25:10 (UTC)


I met Kent on the phone lines... i think. He works for the
bank of montreal.. apparently... I'm not sure if he's
telling the truth. I'm gonna call the bank of montreal one
of these days and find out.

Kent and I talked on the phone for like two days. One
Saturday night i went out to Buddys.. got majorly wasted...
came home and told him to come over. He came over.

I sucked his dick for awhile. It was big. He told me to
take off my pants. I said No. He took them off for me.
Then he fucked me. Hard. And it hurt like hell. The fact
that I said no doesn't bother me. maybe one day when i'm
older and i look back to this experience i'll realize what
really happened that night and make him pay for it but for
the time being i know i fucking wanted it.

After he was done he stuck around for a short while and
then went home. Haven't heard from him since. And I have
no idea what he looks like.