A Sex Hungry Slut
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2002-06-09 19:20:59 (UTC)


Dean pretty much broke my heart. I met Dean online. We
talked on the phone for months. Had phone sex quite abit.
And finally met. The problem with Dean was that I really
like him alot. Big mistake. He promised me that he was
gonna like me... and he was determined that he liked me
already. Whatever.

He came over one night... we kissed... we grinded... i gave
him head.. i swallowed... he left after promising he was
gonna call me later that day and the next day... and I
never heard from him. :-(

I tried calling him a few times... he wouldn't answer his
phone.. until a few weeks later. He told me that he didn't
feel the vibe. Whatever.

I think this is the point when I decide to be a total slut
and not care abit about it.

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