A Sex Hungry Slut
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2002-06-09 19:16:28 (UTC)


hmmm.. what to say about Jason. I met Jason online ages
ago... he came over to meet me when Jaime and Dingo were
over. He was soooo hot. He called the next day and then I
never heard from him again until like a year later when i
ran into him online. We started talking and he convinced
me to meet him for months.. i finally gave in when night.

Besides being hot.. jason pretty much sucks. He has a nice
cock.. very nice... but he's somehow funny with it.
Anyways... I've sucked.. he's fucked. And he was
determined to fuck me in the ass. I have always declined.
Not because that whole idea doesn't turn me on.. but I just
don't think that he's ready for it.

Anyways... thats it about him.. maybe I'll see him again
one day.