A Sex Hungry Slut
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2002-06-09 19:12:23 (UTC)


Well... henry pretty much started this whole mess. I met
him on the phone lines. Talked to him for quite a while on
the phone before we even discussed meeting. I didn't like
him at all at first. He's a newfie. So.. I guess I have a
few issues with that. We had some good phone sex though
for awhile. Finally he convinced me to come over and see
him one Sunday night. i went over there.. nervous as hell
of course. Sat down on his couch with him to watch tv.
before i knew it he had his hands all over my tits. He led
me to his bedroom... i told him that there was no way I was
gonna have sex with him that night. we fooled around abit
in bed... his tongue was amazing on my tits and we ended up
having sex that night. I felt abit bad about it at first.
I mean this was my first "slut" experience.

We seen each other a few times after that. sometimes I'd
go over to his place.. sometimes he's come over to mine.
It wasn't long before I found out he was married and his
wife worked out of town. I think that turned me on even
more. To be fucking and sucking some other woman's
husband. I know thats bad.

I'm not gonna go through every experence but we did make a
habit of watching porn together... and he was the first guy
to finger my ass. He actually fingered my ass and my pussy
at the same time. And I fucking loved it.