No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-06-09 18:59:59 (UTC)

saw an old..i guess you could say an old friend?

hey! well, I went to the movies last night and saw
spiderman. its a pretty good movie. I ran into Andy also.
Jess wanted to say hi to her friend Zane (dont know if I
spelled that right) and he hangs out with Andy. Well, my
plan was to ignore Andy and his was to ignore me. But then
he asked about Chris. I told him we broke up and all that
stuff. Small talk about nothing. It was so weird I was
really uncomfortable. I didn't want to be there. lol. I
don't know why it was so weird either. It shouldn't be...oh
well. He still has me blocked from his buddy list on AOL so
apparently he doesn't care. Which is cool..really it is. I
don't know how much longer we could have had a conversation
going anyways.