The Black Hole
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2001-06-17 18:35:54 (UTC)

Hellish Day

Hey is fathers day also known as HEllish day.

Actully its not going that bad. I don't really get along
with my dad that well. Ever since he has the affair i
really can't trust him. I got him some nuts and some candy
and bought him an icecream cone. (He did'nt like it) THen
We went out to the airport and practiced for my driving test
that i take on TUES.!!!!! I can;t wait.
I/m not telling any of my friends becaus if I don;t pass I'm
screwed! He HE

I think my sister looked at the history on our puter and is
reading this. SHe is extremly cool...or something

Hmmm...I'm getting along with my step-mom this weekend...I
guess we arte both trying.

write later-

P.S I hated the movie Josi and the PussyCAts but i LOVE The

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