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2002-06-09 17:28:44 (UTC)

hey Honey

sigh, i have to go mow at the other house today,
unbeknownst to me until now, and also that theres only one
mower working, the older one, the slow one, sigh. so thats
at least four hours, probably five, and its going to be one
before they leave, and then they wont get me over there for
a while im sure, and sigh, im not looking forward to this,
mostly because i havent talked to You yet today, i hope
that i may, this afternoon, or at least tonight. i miss
You. and again, im not looking forward to it, because i
have but four hours to daydream, which is not all together
bad, but i get no input from You, which is always better. i
will rush as much as possible my Love.
I Love You
tuesdays nearer yet :}
I Love You so much
im sorry if You get on and im not here.
thinking of You.

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