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2001-06-17 18:09:26 (UTC)

some worthless father

Well fathers day and my kids father doesn't seem to have
the time to come visit or even call them...Love him,,,well
i am now seeing the monster he rreally is,ignore 4 kids on
fathers day,,,,he is a sick sick man,,,,,,if he never steps
foot in this house again no one will give a flying
shit....To think i thought he was a wonderful husband and
father well now the truth shows.....This one is falling in
the unforgivable range,,,now one thing is the day isn't
over but he hasn't been by or called and its 2:30...So i
will be truely shocked if we do hear from him and if we do
i will be back with an apology.....i hope deep down i am
wrong but we shall see....