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2002-06-09 14:41:28 (UTC)


Well yesterday didn't work out as I had hoped. I went out
to Coal Valley Days to see what was going on. Nothing,
nothing was going on. Definitely no karaoke, thats for
sure. They've been having problems the last few years.
Seems like the festival keeps getting less and less. I
asked if they were going to have a karaoke contest. The
lady said that they were s'posed to have a battle of the
bands. 3 bands were going to play to try to get some kind
of prize. 2 of the 3 bands didn't even show up. So, the
lady said they were going to have open mike karaoke today.
I don't think I'm going to go. I wanted to get in to a
contest. After I decided to leave, I wasn't there that
long, I went to play basketball. I played at that one park
under the bridge. I started off playing by myself, but
that didn't last long. The brothas were having a cookout
there and they came over and started shooting around. They
asked me if I wanted to play a game and I agreed. I held
my own, but I really didn't put a lot of effort in to it.
It was hot, so I didn't exhaust myself. I've been thinking
about going for a bike ride today. I might call Nick
first, but the bike ride kinda sounds more appealing.
Something about riding in the open that makes my head feel
more clear. Also, I need to work on my farmers tan.(haha)
I had another dream about her last night. It didn't last
very long and not much happened, but, still, she was
there. Shes always there. Always on my mind. I hope I
don't lose those dreams. They give me a glimpse of her
when shes not around. We need to take a photograph
together so I can have it with me when I don't see her. I
have a picture now, but I want one where we are right next
to each other. Its gonna be a hot one today so stay cool.
Take care. Love you, BYE!!!

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