Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2002-06-09 14:26:41 (UTC)

I had a dream...

Well it might have been a few dreams and they're coming
together but tht fact I can remember any of it must mean
it has significance. Wel I don't remeber much but here's
what I recall.

I was shopping with my mother in Glasgow. We went into
some shop. It might have been HMV, not the one just by the
station, the one on the big street. Anyway, my mother saw
Spiderman on the XBox and was all excited about it. Weird
really, since I'm the games nut. She started going on
about it and I was commenting on it despite never seeing
more than a few minutes of game footage. We left and
Andrew was outside. His hair was black and and really
sticky up. Then he just vanished. Weird.

Next thing I remember is climbing all over some building
at night. I think it might have been the stoddards factory
in local Elderslie. Well I was climbing up the all then I
fell off. So I shot some webs out of my wrists and they
latched onto something and I climbed up onto the roof.
When I got up there, someone with a shotgun or some other
weapon resembling a shotgun was waiting for me. I couldn't
tell who it was, too dark.

Thats all I remember. Two things strike me about this dream
(s). Why was it so Spiderman based? I've already seen the
movie and it didn't inspire me to jump around pretending
to shoot webs or anything. And I didn't surpress the need
to either.

Then there was the reason why Andrew was there, and why
his hair was different. Somebody told me he had a hair cut
but I doubt he dyed it too. Andy why did he look at me
then vanish? It might just be because he's left the
country and not seeing him for ages has got me all wound
up. Not wound up because I've got a thing for him though.
Ian maybe, but not Andrew.

I haven't touched my hair since I dried it. Its so hard
not to style and straighten. Of course I wouldn't have
that problem if I ust cut it. Nah.