2002-06-09 07:54:49 (UTC)

The Cup

Yeah this is the fourth entry tonight. My mom is going to
be awake soon, how sad is that? Anyway, I was just
thinking about Em's idea for a coffee shop. She wants to
move to California and open up a coffee shop called "The
Cup", but she knows she has to do it right after
highschool, because she wants to die the night before her
25th birthday. So you know, there's a bit of a time limit.
She says after 25 it's all downhill, and I know how she
means, but I guess I don't care as much.
Anyway, I can picture us going to Cali together, and I can
totally see her getting a little place, and fixing it up so
it's absolutely perfect for a coffee shop, and having soo
many people love it. She's just a charismatic person, and
I have complete faith in her. Hahaha I sound like the
biggest dyke (excuse the expression, I really don't mean to
offend anyone) but I'm completely heterosexual. She's just
my best friend, you know? I think maybe she needs to find
something she loves, or someone who loves her, and then she
won't want to die before 25. Her parents (all four of them)
are kind of assholes, and her boyfriend's a stoner. I
think she's deprived of love...haha yeah, psychologist
Mixie's here. Well it doesn't matter, but I hope she lives
longer than 25. I mean, I only have four friends, she'd be
a bitch to kill one of them, right? Well maybe someday,
when The Cup exists, and so does our band Cassiopeia, we
can play there. How much ass would that kick? Well I'm
actually starting to get tired, and I'm going canoe-ing
with my dad later today...don't ask me why, i'm not really
sure...yeah it's four o'clock in the morning and my mom
will be up soon, so I'll write some other time.