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2002-06-09 07:32:49 (UTC)


Okay so I'm trying to figure out how gay it would be if I
like, wrote all the trivial things about myself that no one
cares about. But then I was thinking, probably no one will
ever read this, so it doesn't really matter, does it?
Anyway, here's everything about me you probably don't care

My favorite color is either red or clear, I'm debating it.

I wish I was anorexic, because then I'd be thin, but I
guess if I just didn't love chocolate, and if i wasn't a
carbohydrate addict (yes it's a real thing) and I exorcised
even once in a while, I'd be thin enough, so it's really my
fault and i shouldn't complain.

I want to be a singer or a concert pianist, but neither of
them will probably happen, so I want to move to CA with Em
and help her open up her coffee shop. That would kick all
kinds of ass like you wouldn't believe.

My favorite band is Sublime, but I listen to like,
anything. Actually I'm going through a Rage Against the
Machine phase, and Roll Right is probably my favorite Rage
song. My favorite singer of all time though, is and will
always be Mariah Carey. I mean, come on, she has an eight
octave voice and a three floor apartment with a closet the
size of the upstairs of my house. How much better can you

I play classical piano, I play the flute in the school band
(and i SUCK completely...i haven't practiced since fifth
grade though, so that might be why) I sing in the choir but
I have really bad singing stage fright, and I pretty much
don't do anything else. Sad, isn't it.

Hmmm other things about myself...lets see...oookay I have
like, shoulder length light brown hair, huge hazel eyes and
really long eyelashes, i'm like, five one if I'm lucky, and
i weigh anywhere from 97 to 105 lbs...I really don't know
how much exactly. I should find out...Anyway, the first
thing most guys notice and comment on is my rack...how
sweet, right? I'm in ninth grade, hopefully I'll be in
tenth next year, and the only class I'm doing well in is
choir, because it's the only class I don't have obligations
in. All I have to do is go every other day, sit and sing.
None of that homework shit...stupid assignments...

Okay I think that's enough stupidity for me for one
night...although I guess it's kind of tomorrow
already...eww how sad is that. Talking about Rage made me
want to hear my song...soo until I get bored again (most
likely it will be in the next five minutes) I'm going to
stop writing.