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2002-06-09 07:13:19 (UTC)

My poem

I like to write poetry...haha I know I sound like the
biggest loser, but I'm not...I swear. I recently started
cutting my wrist, but I got caught, so I have to stop, and
I'm thinking if I concentrate on poetry again, maybe that
will get me through instead. Well I play classical piano
too...which probably makes me seem even more like a
loser...but I'm pretty good by now, it's my ninth year. I
just wanted to share this poem I wrote with anyone who's
reading this:

I'd rather play to an empty house
than one filled with people who don't understand.
My siblings who hate to hear me play,
my parents who aren't here anyway.
My dad who goes to recitals when he isn't at work,
and listens to me, and claps when I'm done.
He doesn't even know what he's clapping for.
My mother who tells me Im getting much better,
and all I did was play faster, not even well.
Offer her $2 million, she couldn't tell you what i'm playing
My eldest brother who's never here,
when he is I can't practice a whole piece
without the phone ringing for him.
My older brother who hates to hear me play,
he yells and hits me and pulls me away
from the only thing I'm good at.
And I'm slipping because no one gets
how important it all is to me.
I'd rather play to an empty house.
Then, at least, I can tell myself,
the only reason they're not listening intently,
is because they aren't here to hear me.
But I know I'm lying

Well I like it and "thats all that matters", right? I guess
it depends on what kind of person you are. Well I'll
probably add more later, if anyone is even reading this...

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