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2001-01-02 12:31:04 (UTC)

Hi everyone! I guess I should..

Hi everyone! I guess I should take this oppurtunity to
introduce myself. My name is Char. I live in Roanoke VA. I
am 29 years old and married. I have two children, Ambrly(6)
and Michael(13). But only Ambrly lives with me. Currently I
am a housewife, but I hope to go back into the workforce
again real soon. I am bipolar manicdepressive. I have PCOS.
I will be talking about both of these things in my diary. I
am bisexual. I will be talking about that as well. :o) I
also have some very interesting friends that I will be
talking about throughout my diary. The four main ones are
Angie, Stacy & Kenny, and Debbie. And of course I will be
talking about my husband Cedric. Hmmmmm I guess I will go
on ahead and end this entry here. I'm going to check out
other peoples thoughts and get some ideas. Later!

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