the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2002-06-09 07:10:52 (UTC)

I wanna be Kelly Osborne .. a night with the kids

no not my kids but still humm so yeah Tiff owes me 5 bucks
for paying for her at storm last night .. humm so yeah i
babysat till like 2 am .. and i am just now getting home ..
I saw Aaron today .. I dunno but he was acting like his
normal self today .. I hate it when he gets messed up .. no
lie ! HUmm Tiff came and chilled with me when the kids went
to sleep .. ( p.s. they are NOT my kids) I was like will u
go and get me some Starbucks .. yes I am a Starbucks addict
I go everywhere with something from starbucks .. I dunno i
love coffee.. humm I need a new bathing suit and I was
watching the MTV movie awards today and OMG I wanna be
Kelly osborn !!!!!!! I saw her do " papa don;t preach " and
I was like I could do that .. she is my age and I could do
that .. I mean really.. I love to preform .. I actually
want to be a rock star .. no lie .. it would be awsome .. I
saw exactly how I wanna cut my hair .. its Mandy Moores new
cut and I want it b/c I have her previous cut and now I
want her cut now .. I mean I love my hair but I need it
short and messy .. I dunno I am into all that punk look on
the outside but as far as wardrob goes I am a total prep..
actually my style changes but it mainly stays with the prep
look .. so humm not exactly a true punk rocker .. I dunno I am feeln
the word sleep so I really hope people are reading this .. if so drop
me a line .. humm but if not oh well .. Lates

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