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2001-06-17 17:07:23 (UTC)

i wanna watch u sleep...


i looked at dy's face.. and said in my heart.. god, im
melting.. and then..i just smiled. coz i felt so good secure..i could just be in that
position forever..

i noe we're crazy.. and i knew perfectly that it was
wrong.. but it was de right kinda wrong.. and im followin
my heart..

ive always wanted to kiss those eyes... dy dont speak
much.. but those eyes, they say alot... i got my kisses.
taht was all i could have asked for...

i was like, god, preserve dis image please.. coz it was all
so perfect.. no wrong... just so right...
damn.. im gettin sappy now aye..

oh yah, abt a few hours ago, i watched armageddon.. and oh
my god.. so sad...
i cried hell...
i went berserk man... i laugh at mysekf silly... but oh well,
i hate it when poeple go.. noe what i mean.. so when willis
left was like shucks!

i cried.period.

ok gotta go...
listen to aerosmith.

haf a nis day, y'all.