lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-06-09 06:33:28 (UTC)

which brings me to my next point...

DON'T SMOKE CRACK! and don't talk to zach either. this is
the end of our convo...really short and we'd started
talking about amanda and he was like "nooo!" but then he
didn't say anything else so i was like umm yeah ok cool.
and then...

jwjfam5: i will call next week and talk to you
jwjfam5: on the phone
jwjfam5: i promise
jwjfam5: i cant really talk right now
jwjfam5: sorry
Short and Shiny: ok cool
jwjfam5: bye

anyone wanna make a little wager? i put $10 on him not
calling me. haha yay. well i was thinking about going to
cam on monday anyway so hmm. yeah anyone else wanna go
there for lunch? ok well that's a pretty narrow "anyone
else" but oh well. hmm. peace out, dogs!

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