Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-06-17 16:53:30 (UTC)

Takin' It Easy

I hate being a girl sometimes! (Yes- it's that time of
the month.) No wonder I've had less energy. All of it's
going to fight off these stupid cramps!

I figure that my body needs a little bit of a rest
anyway, so I'm designating all Sundays as my easy days.
I'm still gonna work out, but in a nice refreshing and
relaxing way. Last Sunday, I didn't do any exercise at
all, and the next day was so much easier for me. So, I
hope that tomorrow will be easier because I'm taking it
easy for today.

I stretched out for a long time today, and it felt so
good. It's amazing how much flexibility you can gain in
just a couple weeks (and how much you can lose because of
cramps... ugh... Did I mention that I hate being a girl
sometimes?). Then, I went for a long bike ride. I finally
went out on the country road behind my house a few blocks
and I'm so glad I did. It's beautiful out there. The
fields are all covered in wild flowers and the trees are so
pretty against the horizon. I'm gonna have to pull out my
camera and take some pictures.

I'm really determined to not have a headache tonight!
I've been taking Advil all day, and I'm trying to find ways
to add calories without blowing the diet. Instead of
eating half of a banana at breakfast and half at dinner,
I'm eating a whole banana both times. That'll add 110
calories, which will give me a little added energy. I'm
not going to let a headache discourage me from this. If
that's the cost, bring it on!