2002-06-09 06:07:42 (UTC)

you cant define me, you wont confine me...

im sleepy... it was an okay day.. i talked to caroline..
shes sick and she was being pretty bitchy but.. you know.
im tired of that, games and shit it seems..
anyway..sebastien and i went tanning and to the mall.. and
i went for coffee with christina.. and to the store.. and
then robin and i got chinese food and watched miss
congeniality... yay for chinese food... and yay for the
really hot spanish guy in the movie..

robin and i are guna take a kickboxing class.. that should
be exciting..

im really lonely.. i need now what i have been turning away
from for a year and half, but now where is it? do i need
it? or do i just want it because i cant have it right now?
where do i meet someone.. someone perfect like he was..
someone i can fall completely into love and security with..
who wont take pride in destroying me.. take care of me..
kiss me and hold my hand and keep me safe... ugh im such a
fucking loser... im going to bed.