The Daily Babble
2001-06-17 16:36:58 (UTC)

The Weekend...

Well I haven't been able to write the past few days cuz
things have been a little crazy, but its actually been a
pretty good time.

Lets see...Friday, I had a full day at work, but it was
actually better than I thought it would be...AT some point,
when there were patients, it was a little crazy, but there
was a lot of down time where we all did work and just like
picked on each other...see Nimra and Muhammed are like
seeing each other, but they're no longer actually dating or they work together. They both deny seeing
anything more in each other, but honestly, they act like an
old married couple! So theres a lot of teasing about
that...Plus they know about me and Jeff, so Muhammed's
always in awe about things I get away with....Plus it was then Muhammed had a fit that I didn't have a
bank account and wanted to take me to go get one But I
tried to settle him down....Our patiets were done by early
afternoon so we all just tried to catch up on work...I even
went upstairs at one point and shared some really good
deli brownie with Nimra. Once again, Muhammed got annoyed
cuz I looked past him and asked Nimra if she wanted to
share. Hehe.

Anywayz, I was supposed to leave at 5 PM and of course
ended up leaving at 5:30 cuz something alwwys happens. But
I got home and talked to my parents ...I also talked to
Jill on the phone and wanted to see if she could come by
too, but she said that she had to go get hher dad a fathers
day present, so of course I was disappointed...and Cathlin
couldn't come cuz her old roommate was coming to stay over
her house, so I understood that. and then Caryn [one of
Jeff's really good friends from High school] came over a
little after 6. Since my sister's friend was over too, me
and Caryn went to the Morris Canal park down the street to
talk. We chatted about random things and it was pretty
cool, cuz its never been just us...but on the same
account, why would it be, she's Jeff's friend! =-)

WE stayed there until my mom called at 8:30 and then went
home to get money and Bruno's for Pizza. We all [all
meaning, me and Caryn, my sister and her friend] ate around
9:30 or so. AFterwards Caryn showed me her photo albums
and then I showed her mine and the Clifton High School
yearbook for people she knew that went to Rutgers. There
was a good bunch that she recognized or had class with.

After my parents went to sleep, we went upstairs to
watch "Miss Congeniality" and then went to sleep around
2AM. The next day we woke up pretty late, had lunch and
watched some TV until she left around 4.

Then I had all this stuff to get ready for. We had to go
to my cousin's house, the one getting married for this
ladies event thing. So I got all dressed up in this Sari
that my Atlanta aunt gave me when she came was sooo
pretty. When we got to the function, I saw that I was the
only young girl wearing a sari but then I didn't
care...all the other girls had fancy "Punjabi's" on [thats
the long top with pants] and I didn't own any like that.
Plus everyone said the sari was beautiful and that it
looked really good on me. Ami [the bride] said she was
glad I wore it.

So for the majority of the nite, I had to help pass out
food, drinks, and sweets to the people that had come. And
then finally it was over, but people still sat around
talking. So after I made my final round, I sat down too.
I sat with Ami and her friends. And everyone was
talking...most of us knew each other from the Bridal shower
so that was cool. So by the end of the was
decided that Ami's sister, her best friend, Ami's best
friend, and myself would be doing a dance at the reception
after the wedding! I don't even quite remember how I got
pulled into it and how I agreed to it!...but we're meeting
later today to figure out a song and stuff! So that should
be interesting! But I warned them that I haven't done an
Indian dance since Senior year in high school!

I've basically come to the conclusion that I just need to
make my own plans, cuz everyone's always busy...Whenever I
want to hang out with one of my friends, they always have
plans, so I guess I'm kind of giving up with them...which
hurts like hell cuz they mean so much to me...but I hate
feeling "rejected" after I ask them to do something, and
they always have something else to do...
I guess I'll just wait for someone to call me now...

Well, I think that's all for today...I doubt Sunday [today]
will be anything special...I have some papers to finish,
some shopping to do, and maybe dance practice! Whoa...

See you all later