It smells like poop over here
2002-06-09 05:22:33 (UTC)

bleeding with apathy till it's drowns, return again

do you know guster? i only have the one CD, goldfly, but
they're really good and suiting to my...unhappy mood.
giulia came into algers the other day, bitching about how
she got into a fight with her sister and her mom kicked her
out. but that makes no sense to me, one she already lies
all the fucking time, but she always says how cool her mom
is. she also said that her sister was punching her in the
face. anyway, i didn't believe much of that story, but i
continued to ignore her and just say shit like "yeah" "that
sucks" and so on. my mom calls me up at work "is it ok if
giulia sleeps here tonight?" "is she at our house?" "no,
she's at work, but i already told her that the front door
would be open." "well then i guess it has to be ok mom!"
the fuck is that? she asked my mom if she could stay at my
house. now i know it's not MY house persay, but i live here
and she's not friends with my mom. would you ask your
friends mom if you could stay overnight with out your
friend knowing? that's just rude and disre fucking
spectable. so giulia doesn't even tell her this, she
fucking leaves me a voice mail and a note with lauren
saying that if i mind her staying over, i should tell her.
that's just cause she knows im not the asshole that's gonna
say no.
if she was staying at my house, i didn't want to be
here. so i went to lauren's to chill with her and brando.
we're just sitting around, talking, shooting the shit when
giulia comes over after "crying at big boys's with her ex-
piece of shit boyfriend whom she was gonna stay at his
house." brandon said she said she was gonna stay at
charlies to make me jealous. i odn't know what's goin on in
her head. i don't know what to think, if she actually was
at my house, even though she wasn't, it was obvious i was
at laurens to avoid her and it was like 1:30 so it probably
seemed like i hadn't planned on going home, which i had
planned on not going home. BAM! the entire time we we're
there, i looked at and talked to only brandon and lauren,
every once in a while glacing over to see if giulia was
looking at me, or to watch her not smoke. bitch. she kept
saying these off beat comments and subject changers that we
ignored. mostly shit about herself "i should get my ears
pierced again, that'll bring me up to 12." who gives a
flying fuck ugly bitch. "i should quit smoking." you should
start first, bitch. oh yeah, she says i need to get more
days off, cause im gonna burn myself out and that's not
healthy. don't give me health advice woman.
remember how i said she's always cutting me down and
insulting me, making me feel dumb and about 2 inches tall.
but she's "just kidding". lauren said something and giulia
made this "your a slut" type comment. pissed me off. then
she said something like "your not a slut, you just have
loose morals." who the fuck is she to tell people they have
loose morals, fucking high and mighty bitch that no one can
hold a candle to. suck my dick bitch. then she said "im
just kidding, your not a slut" fuck that, already made
lauren feel like shit, already made her feel like a whore.
she's been with a fair share of people, but she's one of
the greatest girls i know, and really beautiful. (maybe i
should hook up with lauren, i hear she likes me; but she's
kind of with brandon) that really pissed me off, talking to
lauren like that, fucking always how she talked to me,
maybe to not show how she really feels. or maybe she's just
a bitch.
anyway, by this time it was late, but we were hungry, so
giulia's like "we can all pile into my car and go to
lindas" so she goes out to clean her car. i tell lauren and
brando that im gonna go home cause i don't wanna hang out
with her. but i told them to tell her i was going to
riches, so she wouldn't go back to my house. we're walking
out, i says "see you guys tomorrow" and lauren hugs me.
brandon said something like "no hug for me michael?" so i
went to hug him, just as a joke, im secure enough and he's
like "no" so we start running down the street but we
stopped at the end of the block. we were walking back and i
hear lauren yell "fuck you" and she starts walking away
from her. appearantly she wanted to know where i was going,
and lauren said riches, and giulia wanted to know why i was
going there. then they got into the big/short fight about
her going home. her mom supposedly said she "missed her and
her smart ass comments" the house is "lonely" and she can
come home whenever. lauren told her i don't want her to
stay at my house and she can't stay with her (lauren) so
she has to and should go home.
me and brandon start walk with her, then when giulia
starts to drive down the street, so start running and ditch
her in an alley. when she drove by, we went to lindas! oh
man, it was great. lauren kept saying she felt bad for
ditching giulia the way we did. i kept saying that i
didn't. i got home, and at about 4:30, i decided, i felt
bad enough. i called her cell phone and left her a msg that
i was gonna be at algers all day but she could come talk to
me about what happened. that was thursday's adventure, next
is friday...

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