2001-06-17 16:22:29 (UTC)


The stress just burns me. My skin is so black from the
intense flames. Why they are there, I may bring it upon
myself . But the release feels so good. Blood, such a
beautiful word to go with such a beautiful thing. The way
it flows down my legs....how could I stop it? Like a
beautiful bird flying right in front of you. So close and
fearless that you could stop its gracious flight in a
heartbeat. But would anyone take that oppourtunity?? Now
its dry and I'm not sure what to do. I want to re live
that majestic experience, but I know the cost on monday
will catch up to me. It may be hot out. Some people know
me all to well, and they could predict the future anyways.
I must leave now. The blade is temting me and its
temptation too much for me to resist. Goodbye.