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2002-06-09 04:26:28 (UTC)

Friday's Exams

Friday June 9, 2002
Hola! Today I had my 3rd and 6th period exams. Biology and
Government. Woke up got ready for school, got on the bus.
Went to my 3rd period exams.. which was biology. First we
had to take a 44 question test for the county. Damn the
county.. Then someone ""vandalized"" Mrs. Weiser's biology
book. So.... She threw a fit about that, she said it was
our class that did it..She always blames our class, oh
fucking well she's just gay. Then we started arguing with
her that it wasn't our class, and that we were all taking
the test and noone got up. So she started slamming books
down on the desk she was checking them on! So people were
like" Uhhh Mrs. Weiser we can't take our test with all that
noise, so she slammed them down even harder, fucking fat
ass!!!!!!!!! So she kept doing it and finally I said Mrs.
Weiser.... SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!lol!!! Oh well she deserved
it. She was ready to cry but she deserved all of it.. for
being such a pain in the arse! Her test was really hard.. I
think she did it on purpose all because she doesn't like
teaching! Then we had our 22 minute break down in the
lunchroom. I bought a hot dog! Then I had to go up to U.S.
Government and take my final! That was the one I was really
worried about, and it was soooooooo fucking easy!!! I
thought it was going to be really hard but it was really
easy. I got done an hour early, so Jade, Sarah, and me were
just talking and ready my"Big Book Of Hell Book"-I like
that book.. I recomend buying it! Well I'm tired now, and
my parents our out at an Orioles game so night'

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