2002-06-09 04:20:25 (UTC)

Need encouragement? Encourage one another, too!


Here's some words from my brotha and good friend Boreth,
and some words from yours truly.. hehe:)..... praise be to

You know as well as i know that we fight a dirty devil, and
not only do we gotta fight him, we gotta encourage one
another. That is good, it edifies one another, and it
brings a smile, Praise GOD. My brothers and sisters are
those who does the will of the Father, as Jesus says to His
disciples, so i'm so blessed that you call me your sister
in CHrist, GLory to GOD. Faith IS all you need guys! Thats
faith in what you are doing, and it pleases God, GOD is
awesome, and doing awesome things in these last days, and
all His looking for is some willing people who will
wholeheartedly give heed to His Word. The Lord CAN heal you
from infirmities and sickness, and pains, and bondage,
praise GOd. Keep hidden with Christ in God, conscrating
cause i know that no flesh will glorify in the things of
GOD, and that GOD is going to make sure that its all of
Him, none of me, cause i cant do that, He can, so i bless
Him, cause He has shown me deep revelations and knowledge,
wisdom and understanding, teaching me faith and much more,
i am excited in what GOD is going to do, PRAISE Him. and am
excited in what GOD is going to do through you!. I pray
that GOD will give you rest, peace in your mind, strength
in your spirit, and anoint your hands even more so, that as
you continually lay hands on the sick, the sick shall
recover, Glory TO GOD. PRAISE GOD, keep shining bright,
fighting the good fight, as GOD imparts into you greater
insights. Praise GOD.
GOD CAN heal people, break bonds, release yokes.. thank God!
"You Dont have any trouble! ALL YOU NEED IS FAITH IN
GOD" ....(a little quote from R W Shambach)

So Faith in GOD, is all you need to bring a breakthrough,
and remember as you already know, theres actions and
requirements that goes along with faith, PRaise GOD.

May GOD so richly bless you and keep you strong, and

Praise and worship HIM:)!