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2001-06-17 15:27:03 (UTC)


well i told my mom that i have to go to summer school, and
she didnt ground me! this means that i can hang
out with sean all summer!!! this is sooo great. but ya
know my friend inga told me that if he was interested that
he would call me. well the first day he called twice n then
after that i'll call him n he says that he has to go n that
he'll call me back later. but he never does! maybe he isnt
interested, but i can understand that, he's 16 what would
he want with a 13 year old beside one thing....we all know
what that 1 thing is too! but ya know if he dont like
me....its no problem. cuz i am going to high skool next
year n there will be mad hot guys there n i will get with
one of them! LoL j/p but i dunno what ima do for now, its
the summer n i dont wanna go out with n e one now cuz ill
prolly never see them with summer skool n all. so it'll be
better that if sean does like me then i'll wait til i start
9th grade so this way i'll know him better n i can see him
more! thats better right? well i hope if sean
doesnt like me then im sure someone else will! but for now
im single n lovin it! LoL but ne moo i g2g but leave me sum