SuGaR RuSh
2002-06-09 03:32:57 (UTC)

im bouncin off the walls again woo woo

waaazzzzzuuuppppppp yooo.........2dayyy 2dayyyy
2dayyyy...... well 2day i went 2 community day it was
fun..ish...we were @ beckys most of the time..that was
funny..then we walked up 2 the graveyard and watched the
fireworks and flashed a few hmm...well..what
else 2 say..oh ya..,so mike loves me and leeana..? what the
funk is up w/ that! ugh oh ya and i was listeing 2 the
parade this morning and all i heard were the drums UGHHHHHH
IT SUX SO BAD welll imboredddd soooooo im outt byezzzzz