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2002-06-09 02:59:51 (UTC)

fun stuffffff

well this week i hve been with maggiejust chillin and such.
i slept over the one night and then then i went to the
movies on friday with her. now its saturday and today was
my grad party, well the family came at like 3 and that was
cool. maggie and jackie came to that. then at 7 amy and
baco came over. then katie sharman came too. so i felt
kinda stupid bc no one really came. but there were other
parties tonite. so people left atlike 8.30 and then me and
sharman went downtown to spot coffee and then i came home.
it was fun but i was kinda bumed about the party being a
bust. but then i opened my cards and i got 1000 dollars. so
i am feelin good now,a little disgusted with home much
people gave me bc i dont deserve it.
OH YEAH i forgot thursday night i talked to matt and it was like
old ties again, i love him still more than nething. bu i made promice
to godthat i would notdrinkor smoke ne more if he gave me back my
love. BUT tonight i smoked like 5 cigarettes and i feel bd lol. im o
sorry!! oh well. im running out of time there. i gotta say smething.
also it was so eird having bco at my house. its so cheesy bu always
wanted to see what my house is like bc i want her lol that is so
gross. but ok i am gona do something else now. god blesss

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