the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-06-09 02:55:43 (UTC)

oh. my. god.

will someone please tell this girl to get a fuckin life and
to stop busting in on my business??

Symsugar3: did u visit rachel today?
emmychloe: yeah
emmychloe: thats kinda where i am now
Symsugar3: y didnt u guys tell me
Symsugar3: we coulda hung out
emmychloe: because i only came over because im going with
her tmrw
Symsugar3: i thougth rachel was babysitting
emmychloe: she is
Symsugar3: ??
emmychloe: shes next door, i'm studying in her room
Symsugar3: oh ok
emmychloe: why
Symsugar3: that wasnt xactly the nicest thing to do
emmychloe: i don't get it
emmychloe: (how it concerns you)
Symsugar3: cause when ever u come over to my house , i
invite rachel over to
emmychloe: sara, i was only here for about 2 hours before
she had to go next door
Symsugar3: i neva see u so when one of us sees u, the other
person is expected to se eu too
emmychloe: and in those two hours we talked for a bit then
ate dinner
emmychloe: no
Symsugar3: fine w/e
emmychloe: so, wut, if i invite one of u over then the
other has to come, too?
Symsugar3: i just dont think its very nice
emmychloe: u aren't a joint unit, sara, i'm sorry
Symsugar3: and she didnt even tell me that u were coming ova
Symsugar3: and u knew i wanted to get 2gther with u
emmychloe: that, i don't know why she didn't tell you
emmychloe: sara, i was here for two hours before she left,
thats it
emmychloe: not much time for us to hang out
emmychloe: sorry
Symsugar3: but still she didnt tell me and thats wring
Symsugar3: *wrong
emmychloe: sara!
Symsugar3: wut
Symsugar3: im not saying u had anything to do with it
emmychloe: what rachel does every weekend is not your
emmychloe: it concerns her and whoever she is doing
something with
Symsugar3: but she didnt even tell me wwhile i was on the
phone with her
Symsugar3: while u were at her house
emmychloe: so then complain to her, not to me
emmychloe: we were eating dinner when you called
Symsugar3: fine bye

Symsugar3: yea
emmychloe: sara!
emmychloe: are u mad at me?
Symsugar3: she coulda told me thenu
Symsugar3: its not like she woulda 4got
emmychloe: so ur mad at me for something that rachel did
Symsugar3: but y wouldnt she tell me?
emmychloe: do i know?
emmychloe: no.
emmychloe: **notice your dodging of my question**
Symsugar3: i always tell her when im visitng u or if u are
coming ova my house
emmychloe: and you choose to do so
Symsugar3: and when i say that, she always invites herself
emmychloe: u wanna know why i think she didnt tell you?
Symsugar3: y?
emmychloe: chances are, it's because you would've wanted to
come over to hang out, right? and there was only about an
hour and a half of time we could do that
emmychloe: so it would've been pointless
Symsugar3: actually no
Symsugar3: because she knew i was really busy
Symsugar3: but u probably planned this a long time awgo
Symsugar3: and at that time, i didnt have plans
emmychloe: **notice you're STILL dodging my original
emmychloe: actually, no, we didn't
Symsugar3: wut was ur original question
emmychloe: we just planned it about two weeks ago
Symsugar3: still
emmychloe: my question was, are you mad at me for something
rachel did?
Symsugar3: i didnt have plans at that time
emmychloe: sara
Symsugar3: oh sry, i didnt get that iM
emmychloe: are
emmychloe: i asked it three times (four, including this one)
emmychloe: are
emmychloe: you
Symsugar3: no
emmychloe: mad
emmychloe: thank you
emmychloe: are you mad at rachel?
Symsugar3: its rachels fault
Symsugar3: ssure u coulda told me
Symsugar3: but its hard to xplain y rachel is wrong
Symsugar3: i gotta go
emmychloe: tobreak down what you said, rachel is at fault
because she didn't tell you her weekend plans
emmychloe: whatever
emmychloe: just...whatever
Symsugar3 signed off at 10:51:54 PM.

loser. i cant take her when she gets like this. most of the
time shes a normal person -- nice, fun to talk to, &c. but
when she's like this? just stay away from me, girl, cuz i
can outbitch you ANYDAY with my mouth taped shut.