Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2002-06-09 00:06:30 (UTC)

Trapped in Forever

Today was another day of boredom and nothingness. Usually
the kind of day I experience all the time. I have taken to
reading horror stories about PayPal and how they screw
everyone over. I probably shouldn't be doing this
considering I'm waiting to receive my 4 digit code in my
mother's Credit Card bill so I can start using it for
stuff on Ebay. No way I'm letting my mother see the sites
because she'd refuse to let me near it. Although my luck
is incredibly bad most of the time, I've noticed this only
counts to people I know and therefore I should be OK.

They put some partition in big brother. Made me think how
much my life is like that damned house. A small group of
people trapped in a small space, initially by choice but
then forced to endure it day after day. Although we have
more than a big house thing, its not much of a difference
really. There's no escape until the end of the 12 weeks or
however long it is this time. In real life there's no
escape till you are dead.

Did more exersices tonight. Stomach hurts, too many sit-
ups. Like 30 sit-ups is too much. Lazy git. Also did some
squats and flailed my fists in some organised way. I have
to leran what the technial term for this is. Not that
excersicing will help me any. Still eating the wrong
things. All this will do is give me muscles and be fat as
well, doubling my weight. Fuck that.