The Figjam - From Mikey's Perspectiv
2001-06-17 11:39:51 (UTC)

Figjam - 17-06-01

Sunday night ... there is a certain air because it's
Adrians second last night in the house. I have just
finished watching a bit of TV, terribly exciting ... yes.
I have the next few days off, until thursday .... with not
many real immediate plans as to what the hell I am going to
do. I will catch up with Fiona on Thursday. Currently she
is arguing on the chat about sex with her 'boyfriend'. I
am in the mood for a meaty discussion ... I miss
Courtney ... I wanted to discuss issues that really bugged
me on 'The panel' tonight with her .... I am going to call
her ... I can't help myself :)
Jamie has been asked out on Friday night by this girl Deb,
she seems really nice ... albeit a little boring :)
Courtney is not home ... but it gave me a chance to hear
that 'cutesy' answering machine message again ... not a
great highlight ... but cool nonetheless. I got a few
things done today ... things that were really bothering me
and I hadn't been able to do for some reason. I seem to
get some kind of block on the weekends .. like I have to be
doing something great ... or it's wasted. So today because
I have some other days off, I didn't mind getting in there
and doing a few things. It comes down to .. I think ... a
state of mind ... whether you can do something well or
not .. at a given point in time. Unfortunately life is not
always flexible like this ... and you can't just hope for
that perfect moment to get things done, because a lot of
the time you never really know when that moment is going to
hit you.

One issue that made me think tonight .. when I watched that
epsiode of 'The Panel' was during discussion of a
commercial for 'Dove' Chocolate. Basically a few guys are
hanging around a newspaper talking about buying a v8 etc.
and a few comments are passed around ... basically
suggesting that there is a difference between a 'mans' car
and a 'chicks' car. The guys eat the chocolate .. and
suddenly they are not talking about engines etc. they are
talking about colours .. their relation to the colours that
the guys are wearing etc. The girl on the panel mentioned
that she wrote in and complained about this ad because it
was demeaning to women. This is where I have a problem, a
rather large one. Why does it seem there is an
extraordinary effort (by certain people) to blend the
sexes. I think I only have this problem because I am
male ... who knows .. but it's something that's not going
away quickly and I would suggest is a major cause of
conflict in the present day.

Maybe the first thing I should look at is ... why does it
bug me ... and the simple answer to that is ... my ex-
girlfriend .. that's why it bugs me. But there is really
more to it than that. It is a simple fact in life that
everything on this earth has a role to play ... in order to
keep balance and order to things, whether this holds true
to what I am about to say ... is an interesting point of
discussion ... and one that I would only really like to
take on with people that I don't really care for ...
because I think this topic has an increasingly high level
of sensitivity ... similar to religion or politics. It's
not so terribly bad that men and women would look for
something different in a car ... really .... on mass ..
they do .. cars are marketed at sex ... I mean it is ...
still important information about a person .. and their
mind as well as obvious physical appearance.