Figjam - Jamies Perspective
2001-06-17 11:00:06 (UTC)

Figjam - 17/06/01

I am listening to Michael downstairs.... he is complaining
about a man on "The Panel" who climbed Mount Everest.
"Shit there are some dry guests on The Panel. Who gives a
fuck about Everest? Every cunt's climbed Everest, and its
the same every time."
Yup, Mike's inspired once again. Me, I am upstairs,
avoiding Big Brother, trying not to care who gets booted.
Can't avoid it, the lads have the volume up high enough to
echo through the whole house. I am trying not to think
about going back to work tomorrow, but I know at least I am
going to the Enmore to see St. Germain tomorrow night.
It will be good to see.....hey, hey! Thank you! Anita is
Where was I? It will be good to see Simon and Lainie
after their overseas disappearance. It hasn't been that
long, so I am sure they haven't changed:) I went to a bad,
bad party last night. What is the deal with people who
can't relax and enjoy themselves? Why should I feel self
conscious around people like that? Questions asked, answers
given: I am different to them. Accept it and it will make
it a lot easier, and fuck 'em if they ignore me.

"Oh, you're a tosser"
Heh, Mike loves the Panel.

Adrian is running around, making preparations for moving.
He is going overseas in a week - a Greek Island Kontiki
Tour? Jesu - fun will be had! We will miss him - he laughs
at any joke we say *evil grin*.
Next week, it'll be just me and Mike. And the Cleaning Lady
every second Friday.