My life
2002-06-08 22:16:01 (UTC)


ok now i can right more. omg danny toldme allt his
stuff....heres the convoSugarPlumXxOo: hey
Sk8er Oam2: hey im readin the email
SugarPlumXxOo: o
SugarPlumXxOo: ok
Sk8er Oam2: r u goin skatin tonite
SugarPlumXxOo: dont knwo i have spent so much $$ the past
2 days

SugarPlumXxOo: i really want to though
Sk8er Oam2: on wat
SugarPlumXxOo: my nails and clothes and then the $10 last
Sk8er Oam2: ooo
SugarPlumXxOo: ya so i probably wont b there...even if i
went u would say nething to me just like last nigh
Sk8er Oam2: ijust rad it
Sk8er Oam2: now wat do i do
Sk8er Oam2: ya ok
SugarPlumXxOo: u highlight it and push reply and erase
what i wrot and put what u want.......ya ok w/e
Sk8er Oam2: i said high when u walked up and i was sittin
there with marissa and u just came up and gave her the hug
SugarPlumXxOo: no u werent

Sk8er Oam2: wateva ya watever the fuck ever
SugarPlumXxOo: ok danny
Sk8er Oam2: dont argue wit me and i wont argue wit u
SugarPlumXxOo: ok im so sick of this i went last night 2
see my "best freind" bc i never see u and u were 2 busy for
me so i left
Sk8er Oam2: ur best friend u said wat five sentences to me
Sk8er Oam2: im sick of fightin wit u
SugarPlumXxOo: ummmmm u were sk8n the whole time..hint I
SugarPlumXxOo: yea me 2
SugarPlumXxOo: hello??
Sk8er Oam2: ya well im sry for arguin wit u and not talkin
to u but i only dont talk to u because when i do i just get
to like u that much more and i dont like liken u because i
no i cant have u... i feel the same way about u that u
feel about brant ive liked u since the first time we went
out and now i feel i have to stop because its reuining our
friendship because i always start these retarded arguments
wit u and i cant stand to fight wit u!!!
Sk8er Oam2: one reason i didn't talk to u is because i
couldn't talk to any one really i lost my voice completly
and it really hurt to speak
SugarPlumXxOo: ok....look
Sk8er Oam2: theres ur answers
Sk8er Oam2: im sorry for everything
SugarPlumXxOo: im sorry about everyting to and im sry that
im to stupid to go out w/ you right now, but i do like you
and i hope that i treat u better than brant treats me, and
i want to give you a chance. but i cant right now, soon i
hope. but you are my best friend and im sry but thats all i
can give 2 u right now, and danny not talking to me isnt
going to help you at all w/ getting over me, trust me. but
if u think thats they way then i guess we arent friends
Sk8er Oam2: so are u sayin we arent friends
SugarPlumXxOo: well ur saying that you cant talk to me bc
u like me mmore
SugarPlumXxOo: n how u want to get over me
Sk8er Oam2: listen i still want to talk to u and i really
want to b ur friend
Sk8er Oam2: its just every time i talk to u it just hurts
a little more
SugarPlumXxOo: i knwo im sry
Sk8er Oam2: i still want to b friends and i no i will love
u for ever and i understand how u like brant and all im
just sayin im gona try to talk to u without dying because i
cant have u
Sk8er Oam2: i stil want to b as good as friends as we
always have been
SugarPlumXxOo: danny u dotn love me im not good enoguh
Sk8er Oam2: i guess i dont love u but i really care and id
die for u... fortunately im not good enough for u
SugarPlumXxOo: YES U ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SugarPlumXxOo: ur perfect for me
SugarPlumXxOo: imjsut to fucking stupid to do nething abut
Sk8er Oam2: no ur not