Phil's Nonsense
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2001-06-17 09:23:09 (UTC)

To cover a few days. . .

What can I say. Thursday night I was working on the web
pages all hours of the night, last night I was at a party
for the newspaper staff. So I guess I have three days of
journaling to make up for.

Let's start from the beginning, and when I come to the end,
I'll stop.

Yet another revision to the webpage is needed. I don't see
what's the hurry anymore. If I don't talk to certain
people by next Friday, then I have no prayer to make the
contest. This time the revisions are somewhat simple.
However, I don't like the feel of the page. It seems
cheesy to me. I gotta think of some ways to give it that
cutting edge look. Well, I'll do the cheesy stuff for
now. I think my entire goal right now should be get the
updated page running completely. Have it look nice, but
not flashy yet. During the year I think I should work on
streamlining the pages, making it easy to update,
incorporating scripts so the guy who takes over from me can
be an idiot and still have everything work right. Then,
when all that's done, work on the flashy stuff. Of course,
the computer world can change a lot in a year. . .

Homer Simpson's "D'oh" is now an official word of the
English language. It is defined as "expressing frustration
at the realization that things have turned out badly or not
as planned or that one has just said or done something
foolish. Also implying that another person has said or done
something foolish." Gotta commit that one to memory. At
least now I don't look like an unlearned person when I use
the expression. . .

Friday was mostly uneventful. JCPenny didn't take the
sensor tag off my mother's new shirt for a wedding she was
going to. Basically, it meant that I had to run out to the
store and run back, a wasted hour that made me late for the
party. They had a party for the newspaper staff. It was
on the roof of a building right off the lake. It was very
nice, and a spectacular view. Wish I had someone to share
it with. There is hope though. I was introduced to the
Opinions Editor for next year. What can I say, very
pretty. Talkative, nice personality, and lives close by
when not in college world. That's one half of the hard
part, now to find out if she likes me back. This requires
subterfuge and manipulation. I am going to retire to my
war room. . .

Today was mostly uneventful. We went down to DePaul, ate,
played some basketball, vegged at my friends condo for a
little bit. Nothing exciting.

Well, my sleeping hours are still off. I have been staying
up till dawn, then sleeping till the afternoon. My mom is
starting to get pissed. I'm gonna have to work on this.
Maybe after this web page gets done. . .

Well, ta ta for now! And Lisa, if by some extremely rare
chance you are reading this, Phil likes ya.

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