inque nine/synthetic sour
2001-06-17 08:35:53 (UTC)

if you believe in telekinesis, raise my hand

hey. our neighbours were playin their really loud (and
bad) music again. it gets annoying cuz every song sounds
the same. they sure like a lotta crap.... but wats worse,
is that it's nearly 2:30 in the morning. i guess ppl dont
complain, the way that freak did. i wish he was either
still here, or these ppl were here when they were.
actually, i wish fer the latter. life has been a lot
easier since he moved out.
marvin just went 2 bed. he was sleeping on the couch. i
was gonna stay up yesterday/this morning, but around 7am i
was getting tired. but then, go figure, once i'm in bed, i
realize that im wide awake, and really dont wanna be
sleeping after all. i dunno if i'll sleep 2nite or not.
guess i cant ever tell, until it's 'happening'.
the rpgs have been quiet. only windy-chan and i have been
around... and even now, windy-chan's gone 2 bed cuz she had
like, 2 hrs of sleep or sth like that. it was such an
amazing... something, a moment, when i discovered i wasnt
the only person who stays up till all hrs - and spends all
that time online. in fact, she stays up a lot more than i
do...well~~~i suppose it's about the same now. cuz now
that i kno it really isn't that 'weird', i have no
inhibitions about that sorta thing. *shrugs* and besides,
it doesn't hurt n e one, so why the hell not?
i guess that's all fer now. cant really write about n e
thing, when nothing happens... not that n e thing *could*
happen when yer just sittin @ home all the time.



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