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2001-06-17 08:05:07 (UTC)

:: forever yours ::

forever yours
that's what i hope
spending my life with you
growing old with you

forever yours
sharing the burden of life
with you
doubling up the joy of souls

forever yours
being the first person
you see in the morning
and the last
before you sleep

forever yours
sharing the remote control
planning the weekend together
being crazy about each other
until the end of the world

i am in love with you
as you have stolen
the key of my soul
you're my soul mate
and maybe i'm your lost rib
and i believe
that we are destined
to be together
and now i can see the rainbow
after the storm
that God has His wonderful plan
in our life
and as He's forever ours
i am forever yours
and you are mine

happy father's day!

© :: connie ::™
2:44pmgmt 7